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Throggs Neck Merchant Association Mission Statement

The Throggs Neck Merchant Association, which is lead by elected volunteer merchants and is supported by community and merchant volunteers, provides educational and community networking opportunities to local businesses and residents of the Throggs Neck community (also known as Throgs Neck). The association meets with merchant members on a monthly basis on Wednesday evenings at various merchant venues throughout the Throggs Neck area, and all merchants are welcome to attend at any time. 

Our function is to support and assist the merchants, and to most effectively utilize the dues paid to enhance our district and community. In an effort to beautify and improve the Throggs Neck area, we organize events to unite the local residents with local business owners. We do this with the hope of job opportunities for local residents, support of local community projects, and the community support of local merchants, many of whom are local residents themselves.

Member merchants in the Throggs Neck Merchant Association understand that membership in the association does not promise or even infer any type of reward, increase in sales, or otherwise profit from being a member other than the education gained from attending meetings and communicating with other members. 

The Throggs Neck Merchant Association is a 501(c)(6) by the IRS rules and regulations. We are not a Charity and therefore none of the amounts contributed to our organization is Tax Deductible as a Charity. For more information on what you can deduct on your taxes, please consult your Tax Professional.

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