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Our Board of Directors


Stephen B. Kaufman - Throggs Neck Merchant ASsociation President

President  - Stephen B. Kaufman

   The President presides at general membership and executive board meetings; coordinates the activities of board committees; co-signs all checks with the Treasurer; prepares and distributes notices of all general and executive board meetings in a timely fashion; represents the Association in community, business, government or other agency meetings; meets with local elected politicians to discuss membership issues; and performs all other duties incident to the office.
   Stephen B. Kaufman is an Attorney at Law, a former City Councilman and former New York State Assemblyman from the Bronx. If you have any questions regarding personal injury, medical malpractice, elder care, probate and estate planning, or real estate, feel free to give his office a call (718) 822-0500.



Vice President - Ed Angelino

   The Vice President is responsible for supporting the president in his day to day duties. He / She presides over meetings, works directly with leadership team, sets meeting agendas, creates subcommittees, acts as spokesperson for the board and shall assume the President's or Co-Presidents' duties in their temporary absence, or due to vacancy, or at their request.
   A member since 2007, Ed is Vice President for the 2010-2011 year. Ed Angelino is also a Vice President at Power Express Mortgage Bankers.




Treasurer - John Cerini

   The Treasurer is responsible for reporting the fiscal picture of the organization, is responsible for the monies and accounts of the association bank accounts and keeps the records pertaining thereto. He co-signs all checks with the President or one of the Co-Presidents, provides a financial report at all general membership meetings; and performs all other duties incident to the office.
   The current Treasurer, John Cerini has been a life-long member of the Throggs Neck / Pelham Bay Community. John, who also served as the former president of the TNMA from the 2007 to 2011, runs two businesses in throggs Neck, Capital Shield Agency and Bronx Taxman (formally NCJA Income Tax).






Technology Director - Hussein Nouri

   The Technology Director’s role is to provide vision and leadership for developing and implementing information technology initiatives. The IT Director directs the planning and implementation of systems to support the associations operations in order to improve cost effectiveness, service quality, and management. This individual is responsible for all aspects of the organization’s information technology and systems.
   Hussein Nouri has been a member of the TNMA since 2008. Having worked in the financial industry for over twenty years as a software developer, He now runs Nouri Data Systems, a software development and advertising company.




Events Coordinator - Angela Molinini

   The Events Coordinator works closely with the leadership team to provide support in planning and executing events to ensure that events are successfully implemented. Duties includes contacting vendors, managers, contractors, getting permit’s, doing site inspections and working with local officials and merchants. 

Angela Molnini has been the Secretary for the Throggs Neck Merchant Association since 2009. She is also the owner of Fig Tree Wellness, a nutrition and wellness consulting company. You can call Angela today at (646) 337-5069 to schedule a private consultation or to ask about her group counseling and /or training sessions.



Community Liaison - Patrick Caruso

   The Community Liaison provides specialized services for the association involving the Throggs Neck Merchant Association in relation to government agencies and/or the community at large. The Community Liaison is also responsible for ensuring the TNMA is operating in compliance with county, state and federal requirements, for providing information on programs and services available to eligible members and referring eligible members to other agencies when necessary. 






Secretary - Lilyanna Pekic

   The Secretary keeps a full and accurate report of the proceedings of all general meetings and meetings of the Executive Board, keeps track of all motions and related calls for consensus and votes, distributes monthly draft and final minutes, maintains meeting attendance rosters and performs all other duties incident to the office, including maintaining records of elections of the executive board.

Lilyanna Pekic's 20 plus years as a licensed real estate broker has earned her a well-regarded reputation for service and professionalism. Ms. Pekic specializes primarily in the New York City Borough of the Bronx.


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