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Fine Fair Supermarket logo

Fine Fair Supermarket

3680 East Tremont Avenue
Bronx, NY  10465
Phone: (718) 319-8414
Grocery Stores & Deli

Supermarkets have come and gone at the site of 3680 East Tremont Avenue, but Fine Fair, the current occupant is here to stay. When the owners, Miguel and Josemaneiel Luna took over the property, they transformed the interior from a dirty, neglected space to one that was bright, and clean, making it a welcoming place for the community to shop Later on, the exterior underwent a facelift, giving the building a modern, streamlined look.  The Deli Department was redecorated, offering a wide selection of deli items.  The store also has a large selection of ethnic foods; there is something for everyone.  The shelves are always stocked, thanks to Radhames Cruz, the Manager. The prices competitive with other area supermarkets, and the sale items are right on target.

As a continuing statement to improvement, Fine Fair’s entire floor has recently been replaced with ceramic tiles in a bold pattern of brown and gold, changing the look of the store, with nothing similar in the area. Also many refrigerated display cases were replaced with sleeker, updated models that better showcase the products.

All in all, the owners of Fine Fair have shown their dedication to the store, and a commitment to the community by operating an establishment that is clean, well-staffed, and caters to needs of the shoppers.  Call the store at 718-319-8414 for delivery service. Fine Fair Supermarket gives consumers cause to patronize their neighborhood businesses.

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