Merchants and Friends,
 I was very happy with the results of last night’s meeting.  Thank You to Ice House for letting us have the meeting there.  We had a great turn out, and a number of guest speakers.  We had Captain Russell Green and Community Affairs Officer Caldero come and discuss a few topics.  I have attached their contact sheet for the precinct.   We were also surprised by a visit from Councilman Jimmy Vacca and Congressman Crowley.  We thank them for taking their time and to discuss new issues in their political worlds that will affect NY Small Business Owners.  We also had Julia Geronimo from the Throggs Neck Community Action Partners taking about smoke free America.  We have been proud to team up with TNCAP in the past on great projects to keep Throggs Neck safe for our youth.    We were also very happy to present $600 checks to two of our local schools PS14 and PS304.  Mr. Nobile Principal of 304 and Mrs. Evelyn Destefano (Parent Coordinator of PS14) were present to accept the checks.  The Throggs Neck Merchant Association was glad we could raise some money for these schools as well as PS72.  We have a good relationship with all of the local schools thanks to the cooperation with the administrators.  PS14 gave us a copy of their newspaper, and I have attached a copy if you are interested in seeing what’s going on with the school.   In June we had our sidewalk sale and Rite Aid was great in letting us use their parking lot for the carnival games.  Neill the manager of Rite Ai asked us to distribute info about his Santa Maria Parish Event, so you will see that also attached. 

 This was my last meeting as president, and when the meeting was over.  I was applauded with a standing ovation.  I truly appreciate the gesture by all in attendance.  I then asked for all in attendance to please find a way to attend our dinner dance on October 20th.   If you have not reserved your tickets or journal ad yet, I have also attached those order forms.  We have made it very simple to pay for these and other services for the association on line at

 If you were not at the meeting last night , I would like to also invite you to the 1st ever Throggs Neck Merchant Open House.  It will be a free event on Sunday October 2nd between 2 pm to 5pm.  The event is being hosted by John Collazzi and his staff at Café at Scott Place located at 3602 East Tremont Ave.  There will be food available.  All business owners are invited to come.  Just by showing up the business owner will be entered into a raffle which will be called at 4:30 pm.  The winner will receive two (2) Free Dinner tickets to our dinner dance for October 20th.  If you know someone in the area who is a business owner, but is not a member of the association, please bring them to this open house.  The business who brings the most new prospects will be featured in next month’s news letter and the Bronx times Reporter for their effort to help TNMA grow.    If you have not joined our website as a member, please do so as soon as possible at  We have developed this site to help your business grow and you need to first sign up as a member to take advantage of its features.  You have many opportunities that don’t cost you anything extra.  Please reach out to Hussein Nouri, our Technology Director for more information on how you can take advantage of this great website. 

 I am looking forward to working with Stephen B Kaufman, the incoming President on many new projects for the future of TNMA.  One project we have already begun to work on is for Neighborhood Beautification.  Together with the help of Senator Jeff Klein we are in communication with NYS about a grant for store front façade improvements.  This will be a matching grant available to some business owners in our area.  As our application progresses and if we are approved for grant funding , we will keep you informed on the criteria for your business to qualify and apply for help. 

 The holiday Season is almost upon us as well, and we are now offering a early bird discount for those of you who contribute for the holiday lights.  Therefore if you go to the website you will notice a discount on the membership renewal if you pay for the membership and holiday lights combo no later than October 30th.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions at 646-657-1312.  You have access to all of our board of directors by calling this number. 

 Our meeting for October will be on October 26th at 7pm,  held at Spoto’s Restaurant located at 4005 East Tremont.  October is a buy month for us, I hope to see you at all our events.

 It has been my pleasure to serve as your President for the last 5  years.  I will still be on the board as the Treasurer and I will still be here if you need anything I can help you with.

Thank you,

John Cerini, Pres.
Throggs Neck Merchant Association