Twas the month before Christmas and all through the town, no one seemed to notice as local small business’s shut down.

People were happily shopping online, setting for hours thinking they were saving lots of time. Falling prey to false adds and cheap crap from foreign lands they cluelessly sat like zombies with devices in hands.

No meeting their friends for coffee at the mall, shaking hands with merchants, joyful conversations and all. No it’s much easier just get shopping done, rather than be bothered with buying local and supporting anyone.

After all Christmas giving isn’t about going to stores with family and friends, seeing the lights and shop decorations, braving the snow and wind.

It’s about just spending less money on things that will break and just getting anything for giving sake.

I mean none of us has time to shop in a store and aimlessly looking can be such a bore.
It makes much more sense to set by yourself, alone in a room never leaving your house. Staring away on a cold backlit screen ignoring the world as if in a dream.

Meanwhile the merchants you went to for free advice, who didn’t charge for their time hoping you would buy, are closing their doors and your wondering why…you blame the economy and sign of the time but not the fact that you used up their resources and then didn’t spend a dime.

“So what can I do” you ask in dismay? Well you can start by changing upcoming black Friday.

Spring from your bed Friday morning with speed, wake the kids, call your friends, and grab the lists that you need. Then rush to mall, to the merchants down the street and shop them all with joy till you’ve worn out your feet.

As you get in your car with bags and boxes to drive out of sight you’ll hear the relived merchants exclaim “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”

Robert Stuart 2011
President, Springs Spas

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