Miguel Luna - Fine Fair Supermarkets


Miguel & Jose Luna - Businessman of the Year, Fine Fare Supermarket

When the owners of Fine Fair, Miguel and Jose Luna took over the property, they transformed it from a dirty, neglected space to one that was bright, and clean, making it a welcoming place for the community to shop. They later went on to give the exterior a facelift, and replace the entire floor with ceramic tiles, giving the building a modern, streamlined look. More recently, They have installed pavers along the length of the building, giving the property the look and feel of the upscale market we want and need in Throggs Neck.

All in all, the owners of Fine Fair have shown their dedication to the store, and a commitment to the community by operating an establishment that is clean, well-staffed, and caters to needs of the shoppers. Fine Fair Supermarket gives consumers cause to patronize their neighborhood businesses.

Terry Dambinskas - Ice House Cafe

Terry Dambinskas - Businesswoman of the Year, Ice House Cafe

Terry Dambinskas was born on Long Island and lived there until she married in 1981.

In 2004 along with her husband Justin she took over the Hammonds Cove Marina. As time went on and the marina grew so did the Icehouse Café which started as a small trailer and has expanded into a restaurant .

The restaurant has a select menu that changes bi-weekly with seasonal specials that showcase Mediterranean cuisine with an Italian flavor with an emphasis on seafood.

The Icehouse has won several culinary awards including three wing championships as well as the best Manhattan clam chowder award at Maritime College. They were also named Best Wings in the Bronx by Daily News. Terry participates in numerous local events as well as donating to various charities in the community.



Patrick Caruso of Community Board 10

Patrick Caruso - Excellence Award, Community Board 10

Patrick Graduated from Holy Family E S,Cardinal Spellman H S, and Lehman College with a BA in Business & Economics and a minor in English.

He had a career in the private sector for many years as Director of Operations for major national clothing and bedding manufacturers. He currently works at Bronx Community Board #10 and for the past 5 years has been serving in the capacity of Constituent and Business Liaison.

Patrick is concerned with animal welfare and has always been involved in rescue work around the community and enjoys reading, country music, and old movies.




Steven Squitieri of Sanitation Salvage Corp.

Steven Squitieri - Lifetime Achievement Award, Sanitation Salvage Corp.

Steven Squitieri was born on April 11th, 1960, the fourth child of five born to Matteo and Theresa Squitieri of the Bronx. He spent his youth in the Bronx, attending public schools until he quit at age 15 to go to work full-time with his father on the garbage truck. Four years later, he bought his own garbage truck, and began collecting trash from commercial customers in the Bronx. Sanitation Salvage Corp. was born.

It was a family business in every sense of the word. Father Matteo drove the truck, Steven and his brothers John and Andrew rode on the back, hauling the trash; their sister Louise answered the phone, and Theresa, their mother, made out the bills and kept the books on the kitchen table of the family’s home on Haight Ave. He learned the value of hard work early from his enterprising parents.

Though he wasn’t very interested in school, he soon learned to utilize his excellent memory, aptitude with figures, and a friendly way with people as effective tools for business development. He opened and operated a candy store, and then a deli grocery store, in his family’s Morris Park neighborhood.

In 1984, Squitieri and his cousin Joseph Gallito opened a small cab company. They operated out of a trailer on Bronxdale Ave., and stored their handful of cars in a gas station parking lot overnight. He spent every day developing both Sanitation Salvage Corp. and Citicar, dividing his time between each company, and establishing a reputation for service and competitiveness in each industry. Now, more than 20 years later, he still works at both companies each day. The companies that grew out of Citicar are multimillion dollar corporations, recognized as industry leaders, and models of quality and service excellence.

Sanitation Salvage Corp. is a leading waste hauler in New York, serving over 8,000 customers daily, earning tens of millions of dollars annually. Steven and his cousin Joseph, and brothers John and Andrew still can be found at their Bronx offices each day, operating their businesses in a hands-on, old fashioned way. Their companies employ hundreds of Bronx workers, and donate many thousands of dollars annually to community and charitable organizations throughout the borough.

He is the proud father of four sons and lives with his wife Andrea in Westchester County. He is a Bronx boy made good. Squitieri is a sterling example of a business leader whose vision, dedication, and energy have provided bountiful opportunities to the people of the Bronx.