Do you own or manage a business? If you do, you are invited to the TNMA Open House, where you will learn about the TNMA and how it can benefit you and your business.


   This is your chance to meet and interact with the TNMA Board of Directors, all completely volunteer positions, and fellow merchants (members and non-members) from your community. Find out what other merchants would like to see happen in Throggs Neck. It’s probably not much different from what you want.

   The TNMA has earned a reputation as one of, if not the strongest, merchant associations in The Bronx. We regularly have the ears of the local elected officials when we have issues that need to be raised. Why? We believe that it is due to our “Strength in Numbers”. “Strength in numbers” is not just a phase. We believe that without the support of our fellow businessmen and women, we would be impotent.

   If that doesn’t entice you, maybe some free snacks will... :)